Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"So How Do You Really Feel About That, Geno?"

There used to be this young lady in our office---a woman in her early thirties actually, but she reminded me of a 'valley girl' by the things she said and how she used to say them. Whenever I'd express something opinionated or even make an offhand remark within earshot of her, she'd blurt out the same hackneyed question..."So how do you really feel about that, Geno?" At first it didn't bother me but then after a month or so I started to notice it all the time, "So how do you really feel about that, Geno...So how do you really feel about that, Geno...So how..." And it started to make me crazy. I began to silently loathe her. I don't know...perhaps it was me.

And she wasn't even in our 'group', so to speak. She was in the office suite next to our group in the same wing of the same 'big box' company. Anyway, in all fairness she could have probably asked me anything more than once and it would have disturbed me. Maybe it was just me but finally, after one last "So how do you really..." question and a dirty look back from me that may very well have melted snow on a Chicago sidewalk that day, she never spoke to me or looked in my direction again.

Almost seven years later it's an entirely different universe. Only the core of that original team remains and we presently coexist in harmony within a small but powerful boutique Chicago office. (We may be small but we 'play big' to quote Joe Pinto, my broker.) The 'girl' has long since left the business and the 'big box' got dismantled and sold for scrap by a new parent company. But I am left wondering (since there's no one around these days to ask me) 'How do I really feel about things these days?'

The following three items are a few of those answers to myself:

On Pricing a House Correctly...Everyone believes that a) their baby is the most beautiful child on earth and b) their house is worth more than it really is. Gentle persuasion is key with the latter. With "a"...its always nice to agree.

When a Seller wants "Feedback" ...It doesn't really matter what "everyone" thinks of a listed property (showings, open houses, etc...) It only matters what ONE person thinks...the Buyer. The right person always comes around when the house is marketed properly.

On the Housing "Bubble" ...Approximately 1,000 properties a week close in Chicago. Even if the market slowed by 20%--800 would still close. Property is still selling and the Title Companies still have a full lobby the last day of the month.

So you see, even a cliche can be thought provoking if you give it a chance. Patience is a virtue but a dirty look is divine. And in case you were about to ask...

Yes folks, thats how I really feel about it.

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geno petro


  1. The baby is beautiful and the only worthwhile feedback is a contract, otherwise the buyer didn't like the home, anything else you say is just to make people feel better.

  2. Right on, my southern brother. G

  3. Geno, I learned my tactfullness growing up on the Northside of Chicago, I live in Charleston for the charm, the lifestyle and the weather. I don't need to see the air I breathe :)

  4. H, I figured as much. I wouldn't imagine your family name could be found in the Confederate Registry of the DAR!