Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Ten 'Day' Of Christmas...!

That last ten days of December to me have always felt like one lonnng day fading in and out of each other until the end of the year; the 'morning' (rising action) being the 21st to the 24th with a lot of running around and preparation activity, last minute closings, (with some necessary conflict for dramatic purposes) and year-end business wrap-ups--I am afterall, a morning person (see my Meme in a previous post); Christmas Day and the 26th (universally designated vacation day) being the pinnacle at 'high noon' (climax); and the next 5 days carrying on through the 'afternoon' and into the 'evening' with my mothers birthday on the 27th (dinner!); and the 'day' finally ending with the proper (denouement) midnight ceremony on New Years Eve. Its a new day with a clean slate January 1st. (resolution) Get it?

For you non-Theater/English majors out there, this is a pretty sophomoric example of Aristotelean Construction, kind of like the show '24 ' except not nearly as engaging if you happen to live in the same world as me. Its like a dream that I keep slipping in and out of without really getting anywhere, these last ten days of the year. And like most others I suppose, I'm a little relieved when its all over--kind of like those last minutes of a sporting event when its necessary to dig down deep just to finish. (I was fortunate enough to be both a collegiate athelete and a Liberal Arts major---thus the career in 'sales'!)

Ironically, I negotiated and closed more transactions these last twelve months than in any previous year of my real estate career--even with a comparative 'slow down' in the Chicago real estate market this last quarter. It was a gift of sorts (the 'slow down') because it has afforded me the time to set up and launch my Blog. Before October of this year I had only posted once in December of 2005, once again in May, and a few more times thoughout the summer although I think two were "re-edited reposts." Anyway my friends, as I mentally prepare for this last long 'day' (and to be honest, the post up to this point was pre-written....I'm actually on a beach in Cabo San Lucas as we speak, stealing a satellite signal from the Pamilla One and Only) I in turn, wish you the best--especially my new friends and associates in the 'Blogosphere.'

Thank you so much to Christine Forgione who brilliantly posted on my site yesterday and received critical acclaim as well in her 'landslide victory' in the first ever Real Estate Yankee Blog Swap. (hey, shame on me for being from Chicago and not being able to 'fix' a vote even if the reviewer... "can’t stand people with their hats turned backwards." Apparently he wasn't looking at who has my back!

So folks, keep your eye on the misletoe...

Feliz Navidad to all and to all a good life.

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