Sunday, December 17, 2006


The next post you read here will be written by a guest Blogger from Queens, NY. I in turn, will be posting my writings there for the day. Stay tuned for Tuesday's show! The other nationally recoginzed Bloggers listed below will also be trading off posting duties in their respective market places. Its Real Estate's 'First Annual Yankee Blog Swap' and I am indeed, honored to have been asked to contribute.

Other 'Yankee Swappers' (most of whom aren't Yankees)

Transparent Real Estate’s Pat Kitano vs. Zillow’s Drew Meyers
RSS Pieces’ Mary McKnight vs. Future of Real Estate Marketing’s Joel Burslem
St Paul Real Estate Blog’s Teresa Boardman vs. Phoenix Real Estate Guy's Jay Thompson
3 Ocean Real Estate’s Kevin Boer vs. SLC Real Estate’s Nigel Swaby
Issaquah Undressed’s Larry Cragun vs. Maury Properties’ Andrew Maury
Chicago Home Weblog's Geno Petro vs. NY Houses 4 Sales’ Christine Forgione
Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog's Jonathan Dalton vs. Real Estate Snippets Bonnie Erickson
The boys of Sellsius vs. Real Estate Tomato’s Jim Cronin
ML Podcast’s Michael Price vs.’s Elise Wright
My Tech Opinion’s Reggie Nicolay vs. Ubertor’s Steve Jagger
Redfin's Glenn Kelman vs Rain City's Ardell DellaLoggia
CondoDomain's Anthony Longo vs. miOaklandCounty's Maureen Francis
The San Diego Home Blog’s Kris Berg vs. Urban Dig’s Noah Rosenblatt
The Property Monger's Jon Ernest vs. XBroker's Jeff Corbett

Geno Petro

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