Friday, December 08, 2006

Podcast! Ex-Con Mortgage Man Advises Foreclosed Kid

The only person I've read about with more intrigue of late than Casey Seron, I'm Facing, is Jerome Mayne. Mr Mayne is a nationally recognized author and keynote speaker but is even more celebrated as a felony convicted ex-convict who's criminal drug of choice was mortgage fraud. I'm linking you to a very engaging two hour Mortgage Fraud Podcast. I know this podcast thing is old hat for a lot of you (its been mainstream for what...ten minutes?) but to me it is almost 'other worldly.' (and I'll share my own thoughts on why a little further down the page)

Grab a cup of coffee, put on some comfortable lounge wear and listen in amazement how the young California kid Seron, and the seasoned ex-professional Mayne, interact in this inventive new arena of podcasting. The download process is a little 'steppy' but is well worth the experience, not only for the content (a little bone chilling I'd imagine, for anyone playing close to the ethical fence) but for the podcast medium itself.

I've referenced Casey Seron previously and many of you know the whole story of how he got buried financially in the foreclosure market. And it just seems to be getting worse for the kid as
bail-out mortgages begin to unwrap and the walls of his real estate world continue to close in, and as he even fears imprisonment himself.

And this Mayne guy...very smooth. And the comments from the audience on the blog pages? They range from sympathetic to relentless and his site has hundreds of them posted.

Now, if someone would have told me in 1984 (ironic year) when I accepted my first professional sales position that one day my phone would be cordless and in my pocket always, that this thing that looked like a souped up IBM Selectric connected to something that resembled a thin television screen but only the size of a large notebook with no cords would be how I communicated interactively with the world, that all the music and talk shows I would ever need to listen to would fit on something the size of a credit card, and that I'd be married two more times...If someone tried to sell me on that whole scenario I would have been hard pressed to bite my tongue much less not take a swing!

Anyway, whether its the riveting story line, the podcast experience itself or both, do yourself a favor and kick back this weekend and listen for an hour or two. Oh, and also think twice before pre-qualifying one of your clients on 'stated income.' Yikes!

photo by nu-risk services

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