Thursday, December 08, 2005

It Makes Sense--Real Estate

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A Couple of Things:

On Pricing a House Correctly...
Everyone believes a) their baby is the most beautiful child on earth and b) their house is worth more than it really is. Gentle persuasion is key with "b." With "a"...its always nice to agree.

When a Seller wants "Feedback"...
It doesnt really matter what "everyone" thinks of a listed property (showings, open houses, etc...) It only matters what ONE person thinks...the Buyer. The right person always comes around when the house is marketed properly.

On the Housing "Bubble" ...
Approximately 1,000 properties a week close in Chicago. Even if the market slowed by 10%--900 would still close. Property is still selling and the Title Companies still have a full lobby the last day of the month.

Choosing the Right Representation...
When an agent boasts "I've been doing this 25 years" its not necessarily a good thing.
Some people have 25 years experience but many more have the same one year experience 25 times. The best negotiator isn't always the one with the most tenure. In fact, some super busy agents are just that..."super busy." Its worth the time taken to find an "advocate" to represent you.

Geno Petro
Chicago Home Estates