Monday, December 04, 2006

For The Consumer

These are a few consumer oriented sites I think are noteworthy: Here in Chicago a site called takes the concept of publishing 'recent sales' to a higher level by posting a short bio and picture of each new property owner. The site is limited at this writing to the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods and requires a little navigation but I like it a lot.

Another cool blog I recently came across (actually he happened upon this site) is Kyle Else's Open House--The Tour Sheet Blog. The author is a "real estate consumer who follows the industry" hailing from somewhere within the borders of the USA!

Craig Schiller at both RealEstaging and Home Staging Rants & Ravings shares some great vision regarding the subject guessed it Home Staging! And as always there's My Mortgage Guru, Chris Hahn over at Lasalle ABN AMRO, with a top notch presentation of consumer oriented video clips in the sidebar.

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  1. I think a lot of new Realtor - written "blogs" will look a bit like Blockshopper... their function will be geared to marketing, and their links will point to the neighborhoods and developments they focus on. The commentary will be related to following the daily deals within their neighborhoods. Something similar to

  2. Pat, That's a very interesting point.Ironically,the 'Blockshopper'
    principals aren't even realtors. They contacted me and I keep meaning to have a sit down with them.