Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clark & Halsted Chicago

In a single autumnal sweep, the Summer of 2009 slips into the late September shadows, the White Sox (as well as others) become mathematically eliminated, and the old equine guard at Arlington shutters its racetrack grandstands until the next maiden season.

Here I stand above the crossroads of Clark and Halsted on Chicago's North Side observing The Plan---perhaps even as Burnham envisioned it over a full century ago. Look closely and you'll see the Clark Street Dog looming directly below. Ten blocks ahead and to the left marks the site of the St. Valentines Day Massacre---and to the right, The Biograph Theater where John Dillenger stole his last Midwestern breath.

I love the eclectic windy cityscape from this high Lakeview angle. It makes me consider how history might have played out differently if Dillenger would have simply turned left onto Clark and Bugsy Moran's crew, right onto Halsted, on those respective blood red letter days in Chicago history. After all, the road less traveled by makes all the difference from what I've read.

And I'm sure to be discussing this and other bits of Chi Town Real Estate fodder as I head back east to my college reunion this weekend. I'm excited to re-connect with all the other Slippery Rock Theater/Literature majors who, likewise over a thirty year period, never found a way to turn a real buck with their Liberal Arts degree(s).

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicago Squeeze Play

It's the Two Six signature: innocent enough looking little bunny with a floppy ear, upside down Latin King crown (just to piss them off) and the star of David dotting the i of the Six. They started out as a baseball team in the 1960's on 26th Street but became a legitimate Southside Chicago street gang after sweeping the Cubs one weekend in intra-league play. (lol) Most recently they are known for shooting first and inquiring later. It's a Chicago Real Estate territory thing, I hear.

Anyway, I shot (okay, photographed) this tagged garage door in an East Village alley while showing Condos the other day. My client thought it was cute. I asked him if he was ever in a gang, reminding him that the Jewish Defense League didn't count. After a long pause, we decided to cross Ashland and look in Bucktown instead.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Chicago Smarter Agent Text Code!

Here's the latest real estate dealio, as they say on my corner:

Clients, past present, and future: Simply text my broker code, G23 and enter 87778 to download the entire Chicago Multiple Listing Service (MLS) application right to your cell phones – stored and ready to go via Smarter Agent!

Click the link below for more info:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chicago Wrecking Crew

Look closely at the first few frames.

Lincoln Park, A Cafe Latte Society

I'm not sure I even need to comment on the above photo but I will since I nearly got clipped by a CTA bus as I dashed through the intersection of Diversey and Sheffield in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago to get the shot. I'll provide the parameters. You can draw your own double latte conclusions (hint...it is not a Volvo XC 90 dealership);

* Lincoln Park

* Athletic Club

* Parking lot

* Kid's Club morning programs

* Moms/Housewives

* Kids

* Volvos

* Starbuck's across the street

Again, I'm just the 3G messenger. And yes, I do make a Chicago Real Estate living providing shelter to the safety minded residents of this upscale lakefront community, so please, accept my fun poking as good natured commentary. It's just that it gets a little, I don't know, Stepford around here sometimes. That's all I'm saying.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Chicago to Vegas and Back"....


...."From Sh*t to Sugar Back to Sh*t Again"
(quicker than you can blink an eye)

^ Of course, there are those who barely escape Sin City with the shirts on their backs. This humble couple was not praying but rather, passed out in front of 'Slots-A-Fun,' their bankroll, I suspect, greatly diminished. Thus, (just as in the Chicago real estate market) there are those who LOSE...

^ Likewise, there are those who WIN....

^ There are those who OBSERVE...

^ Those who make a lot of NOISE...

^ And then...there are those lucky enough not to have to pawn the good luggage for airfare back HOME....


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