Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas 'Cookie' Swap

Get it? 'Cookie'....As in Christine Forgione, a nationally recognized Blogger from Queens and myself, a virtual newcomer to the Blogosphere will be exchanging articles on December 19th thanks to the brilliant idea of another national RE Blogger, Mary McKnight out of Cape Coral, FLA. Twenty writers in all will be swapping their favorite 'cookies' for one day only and appear as guest contributors on their 'grab bag' partners' websites. Pat Kitano threw my name in the hat and for that, I'm grateful. The match-ups will be as follows:

Transparent Real Estate’s Pat Kitano vs. Zillow’s Drew Meyers

RSS Pieces’ Mary McKnight vs. Future of Real Estate
Marketing’s Joel Burslem
St Paul Real Estate Blog’s Teresa Boardman vs. Thompsons Realty’s Jay Thompson

3 Ocean Real Estate’s Kevin Boer vs. SLC Real Estate’s Nigel Swaby

Issaquah Undressed’s Larry Cragun vs. Maurey Properties’ Andrew Maury

Chicago Home Estates' Geno Petro vs. NYHouses4Sale Christine Forgione

Dalton AZ Homes’ Jonathan Dalton vs. RealEstateSnippets Bonnie Erickson

The boys of Sellsius vs. Real Estate Tomato’s Jim Cronin

ML Podcast’s Michael Price vs. Famous Agent’s Elise Wright

My Tech Opinion’s Reggie Nicolay vs. Ubertor’s Steve Jagger

Hey, and I'll only say one thing about my Queens counterpart: 'she's definitely from the neighborhood, if you know what I mean.' Don't miss it.


  1. You may be new Geno but the guys at Sellsius luv ya. Happy swapping with Christine.

  2. LOL Am I a cookie.. Wow. I have been called alot alot alot of things and cookie is probably my favorite!!

  3. Thanks much guys. I do appreciate the good words. Yeah, and Christine's a trip. I'm getting a little behind on the blogging and reading as its busy again in my market. I'll be visiting soon. G

  4. C, meant with all due respect, of course.

  5. Geno, not only will you give New Yorkers a taste of the 2nd city, I'm sure the rest of the country will enjoy your comments. I'm glad to hear your business is picking up, December seems to be good.