Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Most Visited Posts Of 2006

The following is a short list of my 10 most visited posts in 2006 according to my year-end Statcounter report. So as not to promote jealously between me and myself (hey, no one else put me on their 'Best Of List') I've chosen to list these randomly although I am going on record-- in spite of myself--to say that my personal favorite was Queens, Baby! (sorry, Chicago). Ironically, it was a guest post on someone elses Blog. So now, in no particular order... (but be sure to check out Did I Really Say That?** ):

1) Two Big Bloggers Battle And Divide The Country (an observation of a blogging spat between the Bloodhound's Greg Swann and a 'Housing Bubble' babbler.

2) Chinese Math (if you sell one nickle pencil to just 1% of the Chinese you can extrapolate the world)

3) The $800,000 House (revisted) (but does it include the actual house?)

4) On The Seventh Day A House Got Sold (open house religion)

5) Rank Your Income (a lesson learned early in life)

6) Did I Really Say That? (oops...) **

7) The Hybrid Realtor (what I am and am not)

8) Google Your Mom (the title says it all)

9) Yo...K 'an A! (an El ride back to 1976 Philly)

10) Queens, Baby! (a guest post on Christine Forgione's NY Blog and by far, the best received and most commented on article of 2006)

( You Silly Rabbit...Trixies are in Chicago was Ms Forgione's tandem effort here and likewise, was the best received posting on this Blog for the year)

This post marks my 76th entry on this blog. and just so you know I also contribute occasionally on The Chicago Real Estate Blog, regularly on A Career in Chicago Real Estate, Chicago Neighborhoods, My House Key, The Agent's Perspective, and fairly often on Active Rain.

About a year or so ago I kept meaning to Google the word 'Blog' because I was hearing the term a lot but had no earthly idea what it meant. A few years before that I kept meaning to ask someone what 'Google" meant and why all the buzz--AOL was my internet provider of choice at the time and my dial-up connection was used mostly for late night Texas Hold 'Em games with people I hoped I'd never meet in person.

And not too terribly long before that (like my mother) I thought Hotmail was an adult website. We were all a little taken back that one Easter weekend when my youngest sister informed us of her new e-mail address. And in typical Petro fashion, we all kept our mouths shut and continued eating. The eye contact though, was deafening.

Blogging is an important---no, vital part of both my real estate business and social life these days. It allows me to transmit my thoughts and ideas to my clients, friends and family on a regular basis while satisfying a need to express myself through the 'written word'--a desire that instantly struck me after I read my first real novel, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, at age ten. Forty years later I publish regularly on one of the most facinating mediums ever to have emerged in modern society. I guess that's why Time Magazine named me..."Person Of The Year."

Geno Petro


  1. Aww - Geno.. You love me. You REALLY love me.
    LOL -

    Queens Baby - is in my top ten as well!!!

  2. Christine, but can you do one armed push-ups holding an Oscar when you're 70? Thanks for the comment! On a side note... In case you haven't noticed I have 2 comment areas--the first comment button puts your comment on the 'Haloscan' sidebar. The second button puts you in this area. This is where I always respond FYI.