Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Big Bloggers Battle And Divide The Country...Very Ugly

Read as a nation of commentors take sides and spit at each other

I've observed long enough so now I must speak. You may not realize it but there is a 'civil war' of sorts going on right now in America between two distinct blogging sectors--The Housing 'Bubblers' and The Housing 'Optimists' (for lack of a better monicker). At the forefront of this seething conflict are Housing Panic's "Keith" (never a last name posted) and BloodhoundBlog's Greg Swann. You may not be aware of the turmoil because the media generally doesn't report on cat fights but I'm telling you its real and its ugly. Its real ugly. I could probably put and "F"
in there too but I won't.

I linked the latest measure of this go round on Digg but you need only visit either of the above mentioned blogs to see what I'm talking about. And the commentors, as you might imagine line up like foot soldiers of blue and red states, Fox News and CNN, or Pat Buchannon and...well moving on.... Where I grew up someone would be at school the next day with a black and blue shiner after such finger poking and name calling.

And its not just Housing Panic and Bloodhound. Its a lot of us, most of us. We've chosen our side and aligned our thinking and comments accordingly. Some of us are spies or at the very least, conscientious objectors. We play (fight) for one side but empathize with the other. Some of us are embedded reporters attempting to be 'fair and balanced' while staying out of harms way (cat scratch fever, hurt feelings from name calling, spit...) But most of us, I suppose (in the real estate business) are Zealots.

I'm a Realtor so you can probably guess where my allegiance lies. But I am also bright enough to know when to ignore an objection. And for those of you who don't know you should be able to find it in "Closing Techniques 101.' (fake name!)

photo by hifielmer

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