Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clark & Halsted Chicago

In a single autumnal sweep, the Summer of 2009 slips into the late September shadows, the White Sox (as well as others) become mathematically eliminated, and the old equine guard at Arlington shutters its racetrack grandstands until the next maiden season.

Here I stand above the crossroads of Clark and Halsted on Chicago's North Side observing The Plan---perhaps even as Burnham envisioned it over a full century ago. Look closely and you'll see the Clark Street Dog looming directly below. Ten blocks ahead and to the left marks the site of the St. Valentines Day Massacre---and to the right, The Biograph Theater where John Dillenger stole his last Midwestern breath.

I love the eclectic windy cityscape from this high Lakeview angle. It makes me consider how history might have played out differently if Dillenger would have simply turned left onto Clark and Bugsy Moran's crew, right onto Halsted, on those respective blood red letter days in Chicago history. After all, the road less traveled by makes all the difference from what I've read.

And I'm sure to be discussing this and other bits of Chi Town Real Estate fodder as I head back east to my college reunion this weekend. I'm excited to re-connect with all the other Slippery Rock Theater/Literature majors who, likewise over a thirty year period, never found a way to turn a real buck with their Liberal Arts degree(s).

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