Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicago Squeeze Play

It's the Two Six signature: innocent enough looking little bunny with a floppy ear, upside down Latin King crown (just to piss them off) and the star of David dotting the i of the Six. They started out as a baseball team in the 1960's on 26th Street but became a legitimate Southside Chicago street gang after sweeping the Cubs one weekend in intra-league play. (lol) Most recently they are known for shooting first and inquiring later. It's a Chicago Real Estate territory thing, I hear.

Anyway, I shot (okay, photographed) this tagged garage door in an East Village alley while showing Condos the other day. My client thought it was cute. I asked him if he was ever in a gang, reminding him that the Jewish Defense League didn't count. After a long pause, we decided to cross Ashland and look in Bucktown instead.

Geno Petro

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