Thursday, May 07, 2009

True Chicago Grid

In the early 1900s, Chicagoan Edward P. Brennan proposed a city street system that generally lays out as follows:

Every 8 Blocks equals 1 Mile and House Address Numbers are assigned at a rate of 800 per.

Every 4 Blocks is a major Secondary Street.

Even Numbered Addresses are on the West and North sides of each street.

Odd Numbered Addresses are on the East and South sides of each street.

The intersection of State (0) and Madison (1) is Ground Zero.

Several Diagonal Streets screw it all up.

See picture above. It was taken from my window as I landed into O'Hare last Saturday night.

My house is the one on the corner of 5078 West and 5300 North in the Forest Glen neighborhood of Chicago. (You do the math; I have a hard enough time with spelling.) If you look closely you'll notice a three story Victorian on the corner with a white lamp post in the front yard.

Hint: It's the one with the porch light on. Pretty cool, huh?

images taken from 'first class' seat 1a, somewhere too high in the sky en route to chicago from bloodhound unchained in phoenix. i have now exhausted all frequent flier miles and amex awards points. i guess its 'coach' the rest of the year for me, baby; peanuts, ice water, and wrinkled linen---among other inconveniences.

Geno Petro

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