Sunday, May 10, 2009

She's riding on my behalf

Hello all you Chicago Real Estate mavens, pundits, and blog hounds. I'm posting the following message from my lovely wife, Mona, who will be riding the Multiple Sclerosis Tour de Farms 2009 on my behalf. We greatly appreciate your support if you are able to contribute. (And if not, good wishes and encouragement will be gladly and equally accepted!)

On June 12 – 14, I will be riding on behalf of my Husband, Geno Petro in the National Multiple Sclerosis Bike for MS Tour de Farms.
(No animals attending except for, perhaps, our Dog Elvis.)
My Riding Goal is 150 miles! OH MY THIGHS!

My Fund Raising Goal is $3000.00. Sounds like a lot, but I know th
at with the support of you, my Friends and Family, it can be achieved or exceeded. Please pledge what you can. Every $ - $$$$ helps. (See attached link below) Geno and I sincerely appreciate your Contribution!

Kind Regards;

Mona Petro
Chicago, IL

PS: After the Bike Ride (assuming I can just walk to the car – HA), I will let you know how I did.

Geno, although not able to ride, will be working as a Volunteer. You know there has to be a story or two in store for the rest of us later!

Mona has shared the following link with you. To view it or to reply to the message, please click below:

Please Visit Here



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