Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicago Real Estate Cyber-Cred

If you Google my name on any given day, 25,000 or so entries pop up saying pretty much the same thing; Chicago, blah blah blah: Realtor, blah blah blah; Writer/Weblog Commentor, yada yada yada. By simply placing two " "s around the name, the number instantly gets whacked by 66%. Click on the last number at the bottom of the search page and the total amount of entries under "Geno Petro" gets trimmed to either side of 100 after all the 'duplicate' articles and threads get filtered out. Google 'Chicago Real Estate Blogger' and this site can usually be found on Page One, First Position; but by adding a simple 's' to the word 'Blogger,' I fall down below the fold if not off of Page One completely. ("wtf?" he whispers under his breath.)

Now, I'm no Al Gore (al-gor-ithm? hmmm...) but I have to suspect all those wasted characters are how somehow contributing to this global warming mess we're apparently in. I know for a fact that I personally am very wasteful when it come to commas, semi-colons, and dashes. I'm also a big fan of the '...'. I use ... a lot. Those little cyberkinetic dits and dots are like pistachio nuts to me; I can't put them down no matter how detrimental red dye is to the environment. See, I just did it again. I just snuck another semi-colon.

On a positive note, at least I make good use of the Recycle Bin. Google is both smart and stupid at the same time. It thinks I'm important in some ways but doesn't really know or understand why. It's always messing around with my Page Rank 3, 4, 5, 4, 3. I consider it a fickle friend who does and doesn't know I exist. It talks a big game at first then betrays me the nanosecond someone else puts quotation marks around my name, ready to trim (laser) the fat right down to the bone for whomever dares to go (click) the distance. The question remains; where do all those wasted words end up? Just a lazy thought for a dreamy Monday. (This is a re-post)

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