Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wuthering Eff-ing Heights

My good friend Chris Hahn sent me this Blackberry snapshot from his new hometown across the pond---the big Pond, as in in England. (please note the ironic, digital, photojournalistic humor: sign, motorbikes, disobedience,etc...we taught the young lad well.)

He's without wheels so he's walking everywhere and eating Indian food like crazy, or at least, like a Brit. His pre-arranged, semi-furnished 'Flat' fell through so he and Nicole are holed up in temp housing for the time being. She's working 2 million hours a week at her new job. He's watching a lot of soccer. The man needs a cheeseburger.

His depression hasn't hit Bronte sister level yet but just between us Chicago real estate folks, I get the feeling our flyboy and former favorite Mortgage Guru is a little homesick. He had a soul patch, recent Mexican tan, and a two day beard growth when I last left him at the bar on Lasalle last month so.... hopefully he can remain cool. To avoid profiling at Airport Security, I advised him to remove all Brooks Brothers neckwear, wing tip shoes, and button down collars from his carry on baggage. Suspected Bankers are fleeing the country in droves these days, I warned him.

Anyway, Chip, chip, cheerio...time to go.

ps...remember Mr Hahn, a Yankee is one who visits. A damn Yankee is one who visits and stays.

Geno Petro

photo courtesy of chris hahn walking around London with nothing to do.

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