Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Chicago Eviction in the West Walker 'hood

They basically just toss your cookies on the sidewalk when the Sheriff comes a knockin' these days. Look closely though, and you'll notice this poor soul managed to preserve her husband's golf clubs. (Hey, gotta keep up the airs at whatever country club you belong to.) Hopefully, things will be getting better in the coming months for everybody in Chicago's West Walker.

The last time I checked there were 27 Foreclosures or Short Sales Listed on the Chicago MLS in this far northwest pocket of the city. As you can gather from the photo, its housing stock is solid, if not working class. The area on the side streets along either side of Elston Avenue (north of Irving Park) is a haven for Chicago City workers, contractors, and the local Union rank and file.

And its just MHO, but I can't imagine anyone in this traditionally blue collar neighborhood giving back their bonuses this year. I guess it all depends on where you draw the line...And how deep into the asphalt you go. And how teed off everyone gets. Fore!

Geno Petro

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