Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toxic Schlock

It boggles the bean. It seems like only months ago that the home loan lender we knew with collateralized affection as WaMu (along with the likes of its gentle, soft money giant and rival, Countrywide) was leasing commercial space like mad men in Chicago real estate land. Only ubiquitous Team Starbuck's seemed to finish in quicker triple net time when it came to securing a North Side Chicago storefront and setting up shop overnight. But on these thin and crispy days, the home loan parking lots are empty (Employee, Customer, and Handicap alike) while even Starbuck's street cred has been diluted in its attempts to hustle 'Tea' and 'Instant' to whichever mom is left with some aggregate scratch in her purse after the mortgage is paid. And so, this concludes my accompanying comment for the above photo. It's all about visible evidence these days, anyway. Think about it...why waste an extra thousand opinionated words in this housing market? It could be better spent not ordering a double shot doppio derivative based half caf skinny foamed soy venti latte...negatively amortized and served up cold as revenge.

Geno Petro

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