Friday, November 07, 2014

What $h*t Costs in Chicago

Chicago Uptown neighborhood storefront

Living the urban dream (okay, Midwest urban dream...Geez...) is not without its financial challenges. Not a problem if you make good cake but for the average working Joe ham n' egger, even a $50K a year no-show city job is barely enough to cover the monthly nut and still leave a few bucks left over for the 9th at Hawthorne on Saturday. Note the following list I put together based on my professional Chicago real estate observation (and amateur neighborhood wanderings):

* $ 2,500   Average monthly rent payment for a 2 bed/2 bath Wrigleyville condo.

* $200       Average monthly rent payment for a Wrigleyville garage spot.

BP gas sign 2014

* $69.50     Cost to fill up a BMW X3 if you're coasting on fumes (Premium).

* $38.20     If  your whip is a Prius (Regular).

* $10.75     Cost per pack of Marlboro Reds (for the three of you out there that still smoke).

Pizza storefront in Chicago Uptown neighborhood

* $3.99      Cost of a 'Slice & Pop' at most North Side pizza joints


*  $7.50   per $1,000 (of sale price) Chicago City Tax Stamp on every real estate purchase.

*  9.25%  Chicago City Sales Tax

*  2.25%  Additional Tax for Food/Drugs.

* 0.25%   More for restaurants (plus another 1% downtown establishments).

* 9%       Amusement Tax (why am I not laughing?)

* $0.05   per Bottle Water Tax

Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how are you enjoying the weather?