Friday, November 14, 2014

Lycee Francais de Chicago (Oui! Oui!)

Chicago French School Wrigleyville neighborhoodNew Chicago French School in Lincoln Square neighborhood

For as long as I can recall (in spite of their good educational intentions), the Lycee Francais de Chicago, located at that landlocked traffic cluster of Irving Park, Bittersweet, and Marine Drive (the far northeast tip of Wrigleyville), has caused daily back-ups onto the Lake Shore Drive entrance ramp catty-corner from my condo building. Twice every weekday, les mamans et papas turn on the flashers and double park their Lexi et Suburi on our garage access street so they can drop-off/pick-up les garcons et les filles de l'ecole before and after school. Pardon my French, but its been a little...(oops--my English-to-Francais Translator app wont accept that four letter entry). Anyway, its been a little frustrating over the years. But Alas! Oui! Oui! Good News is in the future for Everyone! 

The school will be moving to a new home at 1929 W. Wilson Avenue (just steps from all those hip Lincoln Square neighborhood cafes et restaurants) in the Fall of 2015. There's an Open House Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 10:00AM to Noon. So check it, mes amis!  

And that is all I have to show for six years of French. ZUT!