Monday, November 17, 2014

Lincoln/Ashland Project Moving Along

Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland rubble in Chicago West Lakeview neighborhood

Hate to see the historic art deco building at the six-corner intersection of Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland finally get reduced to real estate rubble (after so many years of speculation) but hey, such is life in the architectural universe. In later years, the location was the West Lakeview branch of the former LaSalle Bank (also now resting in peace). After it closed in 2008, the site was slated for residential loft development but the looming 'late-aught' housing bubble put the kibosh on that idea and the property stood vacant for several fiscal quarters. Then in 2013, the Target Corporation purchased the property with plans for medium-box retail but that idea didn't fly with the real estate gods, either. Big Red then flipped it to Novak Construction who now envisions 60,000 square feet of mixed-use retail, residential utopia, and blah, blah ,blah...(Everybody in the neighborhood already knows all this. I just needed to say something to go with my picture.)