Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Listing Photo Shoot Hint #1

The Can ---

Geno Petro bathroom

Okay all you man cave condo sellers: toilet seats down and scrubbed clean (or at least, disinfected). Blast the shower tiles, grout, and moldy basin corners with Lysol and wipe the hair--long, short, and otherwise--from the sink, tub and all other visible surfaces.

Empty that nasty little trash basket next to the vanity and spray some Windex on the mirror, for crissakes. Oh, and a new shower liner would be nice (seriously, less than $8 out the door @Target--you know, the place where you do your monthly grocery shopping). And while you're out and about, pick up a new bar of Coast. Now go back and scrape off the old blue-speckled slivers from the soap dish and discard.

Wash that funky bath mat--on second thought, just toss it. "Borrow" some guest towels from your mother's linen closet (just grab an armful of them while she's doing your laundry--she'll never know until the holidays) and hang them, nice and pretty. Or better yet, let your girlfriend do it.

Replace that one burnt out Hollywood light bulb above the mirror, swipe a damp towel across the fuzz ball exhaust fan cover on the ceiling, and put a fresh roll of TP on the spinner.

Finally, keep it this way until you get an offer and the home inspection is complete. Sounds simple, right?

You'd be surprised.