Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Porch Light Away From A Deal

Through a Chicago plane window at night

As my mid-evening flight descended over the low-slung grid of Chicago South Side bungalows and skipped along the runway at Midway International, it occurred to me (as it always does) that every light below was a property that had been--at one time or another--listed, bought, or sold (several times over in most cases) to a prospective real estate client. In other words: offers submitted and accepted; escrows established; documents transferred and recorded; checks cashed and written. In even other, simpler words: deals were done. At the very least, leases were executed.

Ever wonder where your next deal or purchase is coming from? The answer may be as close as the light switch to your neighbor's porch light. You just have to see it from the correct perspective.

There, and of course, an easy access Chicago MLS search engine.