Friday, February 20, 2009

Spykers, Models, and Egg Foo Young

I was strolling through the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place this morning, flanked on either side by office mates Joe Pinto and Petey Basili (my friend Janis Lee calls them my 'bookends'), when I came across this strange, hand crafted beast on display (pictured above); a Spyker. (Notice the sick, sick air dam on the roof.) My guess is it's fairly quick not to mention...ahem... pricey. There was no sticker in the window but hey, if you have to ask...

Anyway, I tried to grab Petey to have him take a gander but he had wandered off and was fixated on the supermodel hawking the new Ford Taurus SHO one section over. Joe was on his cell phone the entire time and was concerned with neither cars nor girls but rather, you guessed it, a New Construction Condo deal. An hour later we were all in Chinatown eating dim sum like fat Americans. Halfway through, I gave up and asked for a fork.

So now you know what Fridays are like for me in the Chicago Real Estate market these days. Oh's snowing again. And an FHA loan just got declined after 75 days in Underwriting. And the Loss Mitigation Department at Countrywide won't return my calls. And every Listing Agent I ran into this week wants 'feedback.' And it's a Buyer's market, baby...

Geno Petro

photo by geno petro

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