Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my iLife in a screenshot---From Left to Right & Top to Bottom:

No Service=I'm so screwed.

6:33 PM=Haven't eaten and the day is still not over.

Battery Low=I'm so screwed.

Touch to return to call=Sure, (if only that function actually worked).

14:54=Elapsed time of important conversation just a nano-second before I dropped my iPhone into the gutter at 6:33 on Thursday, the 24th, starving to death.

Calendar=The Here and Now of it all at my fingertips.

Stocks=I'm so screwed.

Notes=My deepest random thoughts.

Photos=What I thought I saw.

You Tube=My comic relief and mindless willing suspension of disbelief.

Maps=How I get to where I'm going from Chicago.

MSNBC=What I deny 24/7/365. Oh, the spin.

Facebook=How I mingle with people I've either never met or haven't seen in 35 years.

Flashlight=How I roll in the dark. Mothership website where I sink 30% of my after tax income.

ConnectMLS=Chicago real estate world in my pocket.

Twitter=How I say it in 140 characters or less.

Real Estate=How I feed the bulldog, shelter the wife, get my fix and send my clients GPS Chicago Real Estate links via Smarter Agent .

Phone='Leave a message, maybe I'll call.'

Email=My electronic voice.

Google=My continuing education.

Text=? U C is ? U get

Camera=What I think I see.

...And that's just the main screen of my iPhone. I have two more just like it on the tarmac jammed full of apps.

post script: "What was iLife like before Apple?" Eve seductively asks Adam on the 8th Day or thereabouts.

Geno Petro

photo: an image that mysteriously appeared on my screen at 6:33PM on Thursday the 24th, when I accidently dropped the phone into the gutter outside my garage and instantly broke my Lent promise of no profanity and only pure thoughts for 40 days and 40 nights. (I'm such a recovering Catholic. I'm so screwed...)

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