Monday, November 02, 2009

Chicago Street Peeps

I must say... I've been stepping over and around these two lost souls on the sidewalk outside my Lincoln Park real estate office for as long as I can remember. It both saddens and pisses me off at the same time that they continue to ask me (and everyone else in the lakefront neighborhood) for booze money. The Chicago Fire Department, just steps away, is called to their aid at least once a month by unsuspecting, well intentioned passersby on the corners of Diversey and Halsted.

"One is too many and a thousand is not enough..." (Drinks, that is.) Or, so I've heard. Saddens and pisses, to be sure.

And so starts November, 2009, on the windy Chicago city streets. Nothing so bad that a drink of whiskey couldn't make worse. (Or, so I've heard...)

Geno Petro

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