Monday, June 01, 2009

Chris Hahn, Mortgage Guru at Large

My good friend across the pond, the talented Mr. Hahn, has become quite the Blackberry photo-journalist since embarking on his well deserved sabbatical from Bank of America loan origination. He and his love, Nicole, have been hanging in Londontown these days since leaving Chicago, accepting a job assignment overseas, renting out their Wicker Park Wood Street duplex, and going for the proverbial brass career ring in Corporate

Anyway, Chris and I share an appreciation for funny street signs and postings. Here is a collection of his that he's forwarded on to me over these past few months. Too funny.

And One For The Road

"Feeling slightly safer on this flight to Lisbon." christoper t. hahn

ps...Chicago Real Estate hasn't been the same since he's left.

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all photos by christopher t. (for talented) hahn

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