Friday, January 16, 2009

Chill Chicago, Chill

I strolled into the garage this morning bundled up like Randy in "A Christmas Story," jumped into my vehicle, and stared at the dashboard through frosted eyelashes. It was so cold the radio didn't come on. I cranked Old Paint and she coughed and choked before rattling to life and I almost fumed myself into the next 'Kingdom Come' waiting for the interior compartment to warm up as I sat there idling.

I finally pulled onto the street and glanced up at the Forest Glen Metra platform. My wife stood there shivering beneath her Orbitz backpack, hooded dog walking coat (warm but not pretty) and snow boots (cute). The temperature was well below Zero and her train was already ten minutes late. We made eye contact. My iPhone immediately rang.

Ten minutes later I'm driving her to work downtown in bumper to bumper to bumper traffic. I snapped a shot of my instrument panel (above); 6MPH and Minus 8 Degrees Below Zero... Fahrenheit. The radio finally came on and we listened to a preacher ask for money on a Bible station for the next forty-five minutes. This will serve as church for us for the next 6 months. We made dinner plans, kissed each goodbye and went on our separate ways for the day--her to the world of travel, me to the world of Chicago real estate. An hour later we were chatting on Facebook. Hey, it's Winter, it's Friday.... and I'm FMAO. I always fancied myself more of a Summer Realtor anyway. If you want to see one of my Listings, call for the Lockbox number. BTW, this is the last time I'm mentioning the weather (or traffic) until I can see the grass below my hammock.

Geno Petro

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