Friday, January 23, 2009

Chicago Cold Snaps

Pictured below are a few frames of interest that made me pull over in traffic, jump out of the vehicle, and risk my life on the streets of Chicago as I snapped away on my iPhone camera. I don't know why....maybe looking at all those National Geographics as a kid imprinted a latent desire to be a photojournalist (although I've yet to run across a naked Watusi---which is the reason, of course, any American 10 year old boy would even be looking at NG to begin with).

1) Ouch!

This guy was really pissed because he drove his truck under an overpass on Clybourn Avenue...almost. He is pictured letting the air out of the tires so he can hopefully back out of the....ahem....jam. Both he and the approaching Chicago city policeman at the bottom left told me to "GTFO" which I did at my own pace. Hey, I'm a Cook County property tax payer. I have the right to investigate which rocket scientists are running their trucks into our bridges and who's being paid to Serve and Protect us. My comment back to them...

"Close, but no Watusi."

2) Irony!

I heard someone crunching up behind me on one of the "M" streets in Jefferson Park the other morning asking "Can't you read the GD sign?"

"Why, is that your sign?" I asked old Mr Grumpy Retired City Worker.

"GD right it is." said he. (What is with all the potty mouth this week?)

"I don't see any grass..." I muttered as I walked away.

"That's because #%$%#s like you can't KEEP OFF IT," said the Last Word Grump.

And he was right. I just couldn't resist.

3) Enough Already!

I learned my lesson back in 1994 when I had an Ollie North sticker pasted on the back of my own Jeep bumper and birds kept pooping on my hood. Anyway, the owner of this traveling think tank was a little put off when she came out of Jenny Craig on Diversey and caught me snapping a shot of her Jeep's rear end. Yes, I said her Jeep's rear end. (I noticed a box of Ho Ho's on the back seat but kept my mouth shut not really expecting the situation to Change. Besides, anyone who has a WTF sticker on their car is fair political game in my yet to be written book.)

Geno Petro

photos by me

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