Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MEME'd myself, and you (no tag backs!)

MEME: A unit of cultural information ( in this case, a blogger to blogger to blogger questionaire... ) that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation ( in this case, a viral site-to-site drip of Google Page Rank love ).

source The Daily Meme ( rhymes with 'Dream' )

I've been MEME'd before and no doubt, I'll live to be MEME'd again. Mary Mcknight MEME'd Laurie Manny who apparently MEME'd at least two other bloggers I know, Lenore Wilkas and Nick Bastian who, in turn, pinged me yesterday in the middle of a Memorial Day kickball game with the neighborhood kids (see above). I would normally have rolled my eyes..."how queer" but hey, I was playing kickball ( not an Olympic sport ) so I pushed Save instead of Delete and decided to address it later...which is now. No matter how you try and avoid it, later always ends up becoming now.

So I have 8 Questions to answer about myself which I will address below. I will then pass these same 8 questions along to 8 other bloggers who will either do the same or push Delete. And to quote Laurie Manny who basically owns the first page of Google in Long Beach, CA..."Hey, don't complain, you just got hit with some PR5 link love."

1. Who is your favorite musical artist? Van Morrison, hands down.

(I was supposed post a YouTube video but my Blogger platform is weak. "Your platform is weak? Your (beeping) platform is weak? You're weak!)

2. Who is your favorite artist? Pablo Picasso.

(A photo was supposed to linked from Flickr but again, my platform...)

3. Who is your favorite blogger? Greg Swann, also hands down.

4. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead), who would it be and what is the most interesting thing about them? John Updike, the greatest living American novelist and essayist that suits my taste and literary needs.

5. What did you want to be when you grew up? A Philadelphia Phillie.

6. What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know? If you blow into a dog's nose, his tongue will come out.

7. If you could live in any point in history what would it be and why? I wouldn't mind going back 51 years and giving this whole 'life' thing another shot. I think I'll take my Mulligan now, thank you.

8. What is the most interesting job you have ever held? Associate Sports Producer for KDKA-TV 2 in Pittsburgh in the early 1980s. I basically worked for nickles and dimes but witnessing Rocky Blier (former Steeler legend and brand new sportscaster at the time) walk into the Three Rivers Stadium locker room during a press conference smoking a cigarette and Chuck Noll (grim faced Steeler coach and basic hard ass), saying nothing, was worth every penny.

And, there you have it, an hour gone from my life forever. So in the spirit of tit for queer tat, I hereby pass the cooties on to:

Don Reedy

Carole Cohen

Allison Stewart

Susan Zanzonico

Chris Lengquist

Howard Arnoff

Doreen McPherson

Aaron Hofmann

Anyway, I don't have time to email everyone above. Many of you I do not know except for your kind comments here at Chicago's Home Weblog and on BloodhoundBlog. Hopefully your respective Trackback mechanisms are in good working order and you find this project well. Also, be sure to check your Statcounters. And remember...like Ms Manny said..."Don't complain..."

Geno Petro

photo by Kevin's wife, of Kevin's kids (mostly), in Kevin's golf cart. (ps...Kevin has it all)

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