Thursday, May 29, 2008

Block by Block Chicago

While surfing the net (isn't there a better term for that pastime yet?) for neighborhood news near my homestead in the bucolic Forest Glen community, I came across the following website: EveryBlock Chicago. I just added the landing page to my sidebar on the right under Other Chicago Blogs & Links. It not only addresses many aspects of Chicago real estate: building permits, property tansfers, business licenses, etc---it also posts a street by street (address by address, in fact) crime blotter for every neighborhood in the entire city as well as restaurant inspections, business reviews and a basic bulletin board of real estate listings. (Our own Search Engine , however, is a much slicker and functional site for identifying Chicago real estate, IMHO.)

While reading the entries in my 'hood I was sorry to learn a bicycle was taken from a front porch just down the block, the morning breakfast spot I never had a chance to eat in was cited for sanitary reasons, and Mrs. McGillicuddy's snauzer chased the mailman back to his truck but hey, the public wants 'transparency' so don't complain, right? At any rate, click on the site if you have a few extra minutes of internet play time at work. Just type your address in the FIND NEWS NEAR bar at the top of the page then click the SEARCH CHICAGO button. Who knows, you may even locate that lost cat that strayed away last year.

Geno Petro

google image by worldexecutive

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