Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Photos and Meanderings

Webcam & iPhone photos, i.e., a little too much free time between deals...

Someone recently commented on one of my blogs: "What's up with the Blair Witch photo?" Nice. So I shot a new one with the same webcam but without the winterwear (see at top). Not much better. My mother hates them both so of course what do I do? I post them for the entire world to see. The truth is, no matter how bad of a picture I take, I look even worse in person. That's why people enjoy me for my personality and general real estate expertise and not for anything particularly above skin level. HaHa...I mean, LOL.

So, from the top down:

My new webcam picture, the best of a bad lot.

My favorite Chicago building, The Rookery.

A funny sign on my way to the office.

The subject business that allegedly 'skips cycles' and has 'poor management.' Go figure.

The Chicago Brown Line EL advertising non-stop flights to London and New York. Go figure again.

'Blair Witch Geno.'

'Blair Witch Elvis.'

'Blair Witch Oscar.'

Anyway, these are things that made me smile this week. Coming soon, a list of things that didn't...

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