Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hate The Snow? Just Wait 10 minutes

Five Days Later...

There I was, in the exact same spot as I stood just 5 days earlier, staring at the front of my house in winter wonderment. As I pointed my brand new camera equipped iphone in the direction of the porch (my beloved Treo having accidently met its own demise in 6 inches of afore mentioned slush, gurgling its last Google in the gutter as I watched on from the curb), I couldn't help but notice the multi-color Weather widget on the sleek, glassy, electroconductive touch screen in my hand--Fair and 59.

It's one of those things you gotta love about this town. It's climate is as fickle as any woman I've ever known, (not that I've known that many but they've all been fickle. But in a good way, of course...the best of ways, to be I said, you gotta love...I think I'll stop right here.) I snapped the photo, ran into my office, and synced the image to my Desktop. Unbelievable.

Like I mentioned, in just five days, the temperature swing in this town, (or at least on my block), including wind chill factor, was more than 70 degrees. Anyway, if two pictures (see post below) are worth anywhere near the couple thousand words everyone says they are, then I'm going to stop right here as well, before I get started on that whole fickle subject again--fickle, in a beautiful way, of course...

Geno Petro

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