Thursday, October 19, 2006

Boot This...

A typical Saturday for me goes something like this: First client pick up at 8:45AM in say, the Gold Coast followed immediately by a tour of six or seven properties along the drive to Lincoln Park. With a coffee break or two in between and allowing time in between showings for traffic, parking and tardiness (of the other agents!), I should be done and ready for my second client by 1:00PM. Same scenario for the afternoon perhaps covering Bucktown and Wicker Park or Andersonville. Total summary at the end of the day: twelve to fifteen properties shown, several neighborhoods covered, hopefully an offer (maybe two) submitted, and really hopefully no tickets, towing episodes or Boots!

On a busy Saturday in Chicago, one parks wherever one can--often times in the best illegal parking space available (although the really good illegal ones are usually already taken by other urban poachers.) The Chicagoist ran an article recently about a new twist on an old ritual--getting the darn thing off once they got you.

We Realtors know its a cat and mouse game. Sometimes the mouse gets snared, sometimes the mouse gets to live another day. Fine. Its more about time than money when many different peoples schedules are at risk. I always carry enough cash on me to take a cab for the rest of the day if needed and deboot or pick up the towed vehicle at the end of the day. Take my car if you must, fine me if you have to, but please just do it in a timely fashion! I have property to sell.

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