Thursday, December 04, 2014

Chicago Style Condo-ments

Chicago Style relish
Vienna 'Chicago Style' hot dog relish @Mariano's on Ashland Ave

LOL. (or maybe I just think the title is cute because I'm a Chicago Realtor.) Anyway, I haven't eaten meat in years--although calling myself a 'vegetarian' is a little misleading since 50% of my culinary consumption is some form of pizza--but I can report with certainty that the neon green concoction pictured above is a condiment unique to this neck of the Midwest woods. Walk into any hot dog stand in any Chicago neighborhood: the Wiener's Circle (oh yeah, there), Jimmy's in Humboldt Park, or even Wolfy's on Peterson (hey, they're still technically in the city limits), order your dog 'Chicago Style,' and everyone knows what you're talking about. And don't mention the word ketchup unless it's for a side of fries. But if you're from around these parts, vegetarian or not, you already know better.

Geno Petro | Chicago Realtor

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