Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Sweat Equity, Please...

Geno Petro wall painting

No, I'm not tagging a building.  I'm re-painting my dining room from OMG, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Red  to WTF, Victorian Green. What up with paint samples? They always look different once they're on the wall; darker and much harsher in true daylight (I guess it's just how they roll). The phenom is similar to what I hear occurs on Sure am glad I re-married before Web 2.0 and Photoshop.

Anyway, a new color for a new Chicago Real Estate year. Just keeping the Forest Glen house fresh and showable in case we get the urge to shuffle off to Buffalo Grove for good. *COL!
Not sure painting does much for home equity these days but there is only so much dancing one guy can do. And, no duh, makes the missus happy. Speaking of  showing houses and dancing etc, check out my latest post (along with all my BHB archived contributions) on Bloodhound Blog:

'Wheeere's Johnny?'

*(Crying Out Loud!)

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Geno Petro

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sneak photo by Mona Petro