Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallingwater Road Trip

Falling Water exterior
Fallingwater side view

Falling Water terrace
Fallingwater terrace

Falling Water back view
Fallingwater back view

While rolling with the wifey through the autumnal hollows of southwestern Pennsylvania this week I decided to steer the Bimmer in the direction of Mill Run, one of several Frank Lloyd Wright sanctuaries due north of the Mason-Dixon line. Home to Fallingwater (and just a few miles, as the crow flies, from Kentucky Knob), this picturesque nook of cantilevered countryside is visual poetry; flagstone, rich woods, angular beats and eye strokes.  Legend goes that Wright mentally tarried for months (the house had been commissioned a year earlier by an increasingly impatient E. J. Kaufmann) over the masterpiece before actually sitting down and drawing the entire elevation, from memory, in a single afternoon. Whether fact, fiction, or folly, the structure remains a horizontal essay in 20th Century architecture. And besides all that, I like it a lot.

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