Monday, July 06, 2009

Chicago Bleacher Bum

If there was ever a man who could find a way to alienate himself in a crowd of 40,000 it's Chicago Cub, Milton Bradley. I was sitting in the bleachers yesterday when the gravity of the right fielder's contrarian attitude caught my eyePhone. Actually, I kind of like this guy just because he doesn't play nice (or particularly well ) while still finding a way to also get paid $7 million. (I just may start being a smartass to the lady who sells me my Lotto tickets.) 'So sue me...'

Truthfully, I pretty much bat .500 when it comes to our city's baseball teams. I'm equally disappointed in the White Sox half the time, as well. It's the game of baseball that I love---the noblest of all summer pastimes to enjoy at the end of an otherwise routine Chicago real estate Sunday.

Geno Petro

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