Friday, November 07, 2008

Hangin' w/my BFF

So I was chatting with a BFF and new Facebook bud, Danielle, yesterday at our monthly lunch meeting covering the usual 'catch-up topics'--spheres of influence, scoop, dirty laundry, relationships, love lives, the Chicago real estate business, the pursuit of trump (dough, cache, coin, income, dust), the election, etc... when we came up with a possible SNL skit. Obama's First CIA Briefing. Here goes:

CIA Guy: "Okay Mr. President Elect. There are a few things you outta know."

Obama: "Okay shoot. No wait. Just kidding. I'm anti-handgun, that's right..... Proceed"

CIA Guy: "There really are UFO's"

Obama: "No shi...I mean wow. Really?"

CIA Guy: "Yeah, and Elvis is in the Witness Protection Program in Reno."

Obama: "The King? But how...?"

CIA Guy: "You can thank Bill Clinton for that. He was hanging in a strip joint outside a trailer park while visiting a...ahem... lady friend back in '96. They ran into each other in the back room. He hooked him up with a lap dance for a trade of immunity and anonymity."

Obama: "Who Elvis?"

CIA Guy: "No, Clinton. Elvis was the opening act. He did an old, fat Elvis impersonation. Really sucked. Great cover, though. "

Obama: "Who Clinton?"

CIA Guy: "No, Elvis."

Obama: "So I'm not the King?"

CIA Guy: "Afraid not sir."

Obama: "Damn... I mean Dawg. Dawg gonnit."

CIA Guy: "Yeah.... And about Marilyn Monroe..."

Obama: "Wait. Don't tell me. She's still alive too...?"

CIA Guy: "Oh no. Dead as a door nail, Sir." Wink, wink.


Obama: "Who?... you mean...Sarah Palin?"

CIA Guy: "Hell no. Sam Giancana. Badda bing....ifyouknowhatimsayin'..."

Obama: "Oh my."

CIA Guy: "Oh yeah. Word."

Or something along those lines. Hey, you gotta have something to laugh about. The Nation's dream apparently came true on Tuesday night and then the stock market proceeded to immediately tank another 15% in 48 hours. Pretty funny. Not the type of change I was thinking about, though.

Almost as funny as me not knowing the Green Party candidate I voted for was an African American female. Not a problem, mind you...I just thought McKinney was an Irish Catholic name; Green, Party, etc. That's all. Shows what I know about politicos. Anyway, Danielle and I laughed our asses off. And that's all that really counts during a summit meeting, I've found.

Geno Petro

above image of Cynthia (not Irish) McKinney: the candidate I actually voted for.

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