Friday, July 25, 2008

Anachronic Chicago Storefronts

It ain't Mayberry...R.F.D. or otherwise

Check out the above random photos I snapped on my way into the office yesterday. The architecture is purely turn of the century (1890s to 1910 Chicago) but the actual establishments housed in each are anything but. (Notice the names and services; tattoos, piercings, manscaping...) This is one of the very cool things about living in modern day Chicago; appreciating the uber hip, small business nexus that occupies space in what was once our great grandparents' storefronts.

Floyd, the beloved barber of Mayberry repute, would more than likely need to know how to pierce a tongue and dye a Mohawk purple to help cover the $4,000 per month triple net lease in 2008 dollars were he just simply cutting hair today. Even our own real estate office on Diversey Parkway occupies the first floor of a 1920's walk-up. It's definitely an eclectic blend of big city lights and Main Street America. And to quote our man Floyd as he gently tugged on the sleeve of Barney's new sportcoat, twirling the herringbone fabric with his delicate fingertips:

"Oohh...Just goes to show. If you want a good suit, you gotta go to Raleigh..."

Geno Petro

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