Monday, June 16, 2008

A Realtor's Story (the end)

The pink elephant has left the building (see previous post below). He's wandering around the Northside Chicago streets perhaps, looking for another piece of real estate on which to poach. So I hereby declare on this 16th day June, (with much less fanfare or notice than the James Joyce protagonist, Leopold Bloom experienced on this very date 104 long years ago in Ulysses):

I got the deal done at $227,950 last Tuesday. Inspection was completed on Friday. Buyers backed out today, Monday, June 16th. End of story.

And if I really wanted you to experience my pain, I could, in the fashion of Mr. Joyce, pretend I'm Irish and spend the next 24 pages describing my morning shaving ritual like our fellow, Bloom. But I'll spare you the pain. I'm more of a Hemingway man, anyway--just trying to keep away from the Bay Rum and the belt around the neck, as it were.

Geno Petro

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