Monday, March 31, 2008

My Man Jake

I work in a business where a lot of people go on record claiming to be the best at what they do. Of course, the opinion is purely subjective. We are our own biggest fans, us Roosters...I mean, Realtors.

The truth is, and I've mentioned this many times before, the hero is the Agent with the Listing at that serendipitous moment a bona fide Buyer walks through the door. In my Real Estate career in Chicago I've been simultaneously 'Hailed the Chief,' and stripped of my rank; promoted to the corner lot office, and given my walking papers. Currently, I'm the 5th (FIFTH!) Listing Agent on a 14 unit project with 6 units left to sale. Recently, I lost a Listing after 180 of the most brutal Market Time in recent housing history. It's all about timing, dear readers.

I believe there are many Realtors in Chicago who work everyday and always put the best interest of their clients first. All things equal, I believe I am one of those Realtors, and in fact, even at the head of the coop. But then again, nobody thinks more about me...than me.

And as far as my buddy on the photographed window sign above ^ is concerned, all I have to say is, "That's a bold statement, Jake. How do the chickens feel about that?"

Geno Petro

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