Friday, April 13, 2007

We Don't Need More Dots...

"We don't need more dots..." I hear the red-faced, stock picking pundit scream into the CNBC camera as I glance up from my laptop. Late afternoon cable TV is how I home school myself on these occasional slow days in the Chicago Real Estate bubble, correction, vacuum, surge or whatever they're calling it this week in the media.

"Booyah!" counters the caller from Delaware.

"And a great big 'Booyah' to you, my friend."

. What a stupid word. Wikipedia defines it as a catch phrase of 'accomplishment' coined by ESPN personality Stuart Scott, but the only person I've ever heard say it is the vein popping bald guy in rolled up shirt sleeves I'm watching now, pacing around a studio sound stage of cow-bells, flat screen monitors, and bull horns. Him and of course, all his booyahnic buds.

Today, 'BooYah' is dressed like a Scotsman--tam, kilt, et al. Someone blows a bagpipe off-camera as the next caller inquires about a small cap 'Dog' (bad stock, apparently) with fleas (too many troubles to mention). BooYah starts pounding his desk with a rubber golf club..."Bad dog, bad dog..." More bagpipe then a commercial break for Cialis--the one with the 4 hour warning., quadruple booyah.

I glance back down at my own monitor and peck a few more keys before hitting Save and starting a new Word Doc.... "Things I say. "

I make a quick list of my own favorite sayings--phrases I'd like to think I'm known for, whether self-composed or simple perpetrations of things I've heard in passing and improved upon--sayings I've lent my own voice to or, twisted around to make my own. And since I'm big on analogies, metaphors and such (requires less communication skills than making the actual point), I often weave these verbal delectations into my Real Estate conversation when discussing a property. So in no particular order, with appropriate annotations and due credit following, I submit to you:

"Start with supermodel, and work backwards." (On showing the best property first but can really apply to anything if you think about it.)
CREDIT: Half mine, half someone elses.

"No matter how beautiful she is, there's somebody somewhere... who's sick of her." (On questioning why such a lovely home is up for sale, among other more trivial observations I've noticed on the E! Channel.)
CREDIT: Someone else.

"A third are coming, a third are going, a third are making up their minds." (On why there is such a lack of Agent/Broker loyalty in the Real Estate business i.e....Agency 'ship jumping,' so to speak.)
CREDIT: Some Recruiter I used to know.

"You can recruit yourself out of any situation." (On re-building a floundering Real Estate Brokerage i.e.... Sending higher commission split 'life rafts' for those who already jumped or are considering treason.)
CREDIT: The Recruiter who took the other Recruiter's place.

"Everyone thinks their baby is the most beautiful child on Earth...and their house is worth more than it is." (Speaks for itself, really.)
CREDIT: Me. I said it first.

"Life is short. You're dead for a long time." (On just 'going for it.')
CREDIT: An annonymous Madison Avenue copywriter and I think perhaps, God originally.

"Don't push the Publish button after midnight." (On Blogging and trying to be funny at the end of a long day in the Chicago Real Estate business.)
CREDIT: My wife.

And finally...the newest addition to my lexicon of Genoisms....

"We don't need more dots...we need to connect the ones we already have!" (On most anything, anywhere, anytime these my opinion.)
CREDIT: BooYah... and the boys.

Geno Petro

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