Thursday, February 01, 2007

Changes On My Site...

Well, I finally completed my 'transition' over to the newest version of Blogger today. I only kicked my CPU twice before my web guy gently reminded me I was rebooting incorrectly---again. Anyway, as in real life there is good news and bad news. Bad news first....(remember my saying: "Even a half-empty glass is very desirable to a thirsty man."---my own retort to the overchanted 'half full/half empty' glass PMA mantra):
I lost a Comment Section. I hate it but I had to choose. Previous to the transition I had figured out a way to have two Comment sections; one that posted comments in the sidebar (Haloscan) for you guys and another for my responses back to you (Blogger). The Blogger Comment section also allowed anyone to leave lengthy and repeated correspondance if they so desired without eating up limited sidebar space. In turn, I only responded to comments in that section whether it was Blogger or Haloscan. So that's gone along with the comments of anyone who left their literal '2 cents' over the months since I launched my site. Sorry. Looking back, it was pretty confusing anyway. Continue to comment as you wish although sidebar space limits much response, if any, on my part. Now the good news:

I'm adding a real time Market Analysis of Chicago's Northside
. This nifty visual and printable graph report is the 'brainchild' of Mike Simonsen (Altos) and was introduced to me by Pat Kitano. Both are based out of San Francisco. The 'Single Family Home Market Stats' will be rolled out on this Blog by next week. Real Estate trends from Andersonville to the Gold Coast and west to Bucktown will be flashing in my sidebar soon so you can sort your reports by Zip Code. Very cool. It's not linking yet but LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT FOR A PREVIEW------>

So to sum it up, comment as you wish but my comment back will either be one sentence or in an e-mail; look for the dynamic new Altos graphic in my sidebar; and the new and improved Blogger better be new and improved or the electronic police will be serving me with a cease and desist.

image by a2computers

Geno Petro

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